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Share, Play and Zoom in on the World through high–resolution Images.


Gigapan Large Format Printing Ad
GigaPan EPIC Series

Effortlessly capture gigapixel panoramas with EPIC robotic panoheads. EPICs work seamlessly with Gigapan Stitch to provide a total solution for creating and sharing high-resolution images.
Learn more about GigaPan

Gigapan provides a complete solution to create immersive, high-resolution panoramic images. Learn more about the hardware, stitching software and viewers displaying gigapixel HD images.
Capture Studio

Tether the EPIC Pro directly to a laptop to eliminate transferring of images from the card and ensure the best possible images prior to stitching.
GigaTag MLB

Gigapan Tag is a post event marketing tool where visitors can zoom into the incredible detail of high-resolution images. Fans can tag themselves and share snapshots on Facebook.
Community Workshop

Gigapan is a dynamic, fast growing community with over 55,000 members who have a passion for gigapixel photography. Upload and share your images by joining today!